New York, NY

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Vista Hermosa was formed by spirit and resolve inside the sturdy brick walls of Tacombi, a taqueria committed to sharing authentic Mexican taco culture. The tortilla is the golden foundation of a quality taco and without local sources who met their quality standards for freshness and flavor they decided to make their own, the traditional Mexican way. From scratch. Every day.

The tortilla was initially made from maize, but with the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico and the production of wheat, tortillas began to be made from flour. The Sonorans mixed locally milled White Sonora wheat flour with water, salt and lard – Vista Hermosa uses organic avocado oil – to produce a soft, pliable dough. The dough is rolled into a ball and then stretched out and pressed into a thin white wheat flour tortilla, tortilla de harina. Cooked on a comal, or griddle, their vegan flour tortillas are the authentic choice for breakfast tacos and burritos.