New York, NY

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About 23 years ago, Clinton Shabazz (AKA the Harlem Pie Man) started on a journey to be independent and his own boss. He thought that baking would be a good place to start, since as a child, he always used to watch his mother bake cakes, pies and cookies. He began his work making bean pies with a man named Hilton, from Texas. Hilton noticed Clinton’s skill at interacting with people on the streets, and Hilton gave Clinton the opportunity to sell these bean pies back in Harlem in New York City, mainly on 125th street. Clinton sold Hilton’s pies for about a year, before he began making his own. Clinton was working on a very low budget, so all he could afford were a few ingredients, a wooden spoon and a bowl.  Today, he had continued to follow his passion for baking and live by the simple motto: pray and go to work! For Clinton, providing high quality baked products to you is his chosen path.  His baked goods are all natural made with the highest quality ingredients including cage-free eggs, organic cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, organic butter, organic whole milk.