New York, NY

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Healthy baking is in founder Ilana Eck’s DNA. Her mom was an excellent baker and also a health nut before anyone had heard of terms like clean eating or Paleo. The woman was sprouting her own grains in mason jars on the counter. In 1980! Ilana spent many hours in the kitchen under her feet and watched her make amazingly decadent desserts for birthdays and parties. She watched her bake whole grain muffins and quick breads that she naturally sweetened with honey, maple syrup, molasses, homemade apple sauce and dates.  Unfortunately, Ilana’s mom died of breast cancer when Ilana was just 9 years old. Ilana sought comfort in her kitchen, and was one of the few 10 year olds who came home from school to bake muffins. Using her muffin tins and baking tools made Ilana feel connected to her.  As Ilana grew older, she developed severe reactions to gluten, and has transformed the amazing skills and lessons learned from her mom and applied them to the kitchen.  She makes incredible breakfast treats and snacks including her famous gluten-free oatmeal chia cups.