Orosi, CA

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In 1988, Eric and Kim Christensen purchased their first citrus farm, with the goal of sustainbly growing a wide variety of more unique and interesting citrus fruits.  As a small farmer, Rising C decided to focus its efforts on producing only the sweetest, highest quality fruits, and this is done first and foremost by picking fruit at the peak of ripeness.  Most citrus bought in stores is picked way too early in order to maximize shelf life; Rising C will only harvest a perfectly flavorful fruit.  Rising C is also committed to minimizing its environmental impact and has curtailed the use of herbicides and inorganic pest control (unless in an absolute emergency), while dramatically reducing its use of inorganic fertilizers.  OurHarvest is proud to be partnering with such a high quality, eco-focused citrus farm.

Sourcing locally is at the heart of what we do. For peak season products that aren't available locally, we sometimes expand our geographic reach to get the products you want!