Brooklyn, NY

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It was a warm summer night in Brooklyn and some good friends were in founder Jordan Silbert's backyard for gin & tonics. A few drinks in, his teeth felt sticky. He picked up the bottle of tonic water. 32 grams of high fructose corn syrup! Artificial flavors. And artificial preservatives. 

Maybe it was the gin, but the concept lingered. They were mixing the finest gins drink after drink with something lousy. The moon was shining down on the table. The light caught the gin, transforming it into a glowing orb of green goodness. Next to it, the plastic tonic water bottle with its label peeling off and its contents going flat looked particularly decrepit.

Jordan decided to make a superior tonic water. One good enough to mix with his favorite gins - less sweet and made from real ingredients.  After four years tracking down the finest ingredients, he transformed his dream into Q Mixers - makers of not only the aforementioned tonic water, but also some of the finest sodas and beverages available.