Brooklyn, NY

Buy Now from Norwich Meadows Farm with Gabe McMackin

Gabe is the Chef and Owner of the Finch. He has 20 years experience cooking in and around New England at restaurants like Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Gramercy Tavern, Roberta’s and worked for Martha Stewart as a corporate chef for merchandising.  He has also worked at The Mayflower, Thomas Moran's Petite Syrah, and had his first job washing dishes and doing prep at The Hopkins Inn, all in Connecticut.  He spent a good while at Sperry's in Saratoga, ran his own catering company and did many incredibly interesting things including publishing, roofing and business development for financial services before finding the space at 212 Greene ave where he thought he could put a small neighborhood restaurant in.

He is focused on creating a living restaurant where all choices we make consider the long term health of the business and the community.