Brooklyn, NY

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Lincoln and Berry was founded in Brooklyn in 2015 by husband and wife team Jon Cunningham and Venetia Williamson-Noble, who moved from London in 2007. Venetia, a former award-winning documentary filmmaker for the BBC, and Jon, a public relations industry veteran, share a love of European travel - particularly the simple, fresh foods of Italy, France, and Spain - and Brooklyn’s burgeoning locavore food markets and dining scene. When Venetia packed their youngest child off to school and Jon took a mid-career break, both started looking for a new adventure that combined their passions. After a meeting with old family friends the DeCamillas, owners of a California olive grove and producers of award-winning olive oils and olives, Lincoln and Berry was born. The company is named for a grocery and general store opened by Abraham Lincoln and William Berry in the 1830s, “for lack of other plans.”