Brooklyn, NY

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Libby Willis and Zoe Kanan have banded together for all of our benefit to offer a Thanksgiving holiday menu. Whether you want a savory or sweet addition to your menu or you want to go all out and just kick your feet up and let them do the work, they've got something for you. Or rather everything but the turkey. You'll just have to take care of that one. 

Libby Willis, co-owner of the now shuttered MeMe's Diner in Brooklyn, takes an eclectic approach to comfort food. She then morphed the space into KIT (an acronym for "Keep In Touch") as a neighborhood cafe and a business incubator that aims to carve out more space for queer people and people of color. 

Zoe Kanan, baker and pastry chef, but oh so much more, joined the Happy Cooking Hospitality team in 2018 as Head Baker for Simon and The Whale, Studio, and the George Washington Bar at the Freehand NY. Since 2020 she has been freelancing and exploring what comes next.