Westfield, VT

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Lazy Lady Farm started in 1987 by Laini Fondilier on barren land and in a small cabin. There was no electricity, no running water and no indoor plumbing. The farm was literally started from the ground up. Known for their incredible cheeses (Laini spent over 2 years in France working on various cheese farms), their herd is comprised of 40 registered Alpines and Saanens, with carefully selected genetics to assure great milk production. Lazy Lady produces their own hay using organic farm practices: composted manure, minerals, and supplements such as calcium, rock phosphate, gypsum, lime etc. Goats graze on lush pastures from May to Nov. using rotational grazing. Laini sources cows' milk from renowned neighboring Butterworks Farm during the winter months. Animals are fed non-GMO feeds, kelp, minerals, sunflower seeds, flax, and rolled oats. The non-gmo feed contains organic soy. The farm is Animal Welfare Approved and is off-the-grid, relying on solar and wind power.