Jamesport, NY

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Jamesport Farmstead, made up of 50+ acres, is located on the North Fork of Long Island.  With 5 acres under cultivation and big plans on the horizon, during its 2020 inaugural season. As a Certified Organic operation, they are committed land stewards and food producers.

The farm, which includes diversified annual vegetables; fields of blueberries, blackberries and  strawberries; an emerging orchard of stone fruits, pears and hazelnuts; and a cut-flower and perennial herb garden: is intensively managed without the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides. As a no-till farm, they honor the soil by building organic matter through the practices of permanent bed systems, cover cropping, composting and natural amendment applications.  

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Organic Heritage Breed, Pastured Eggs

Organic Heritage Breed, Pastured Eggs

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