Half Moon Bay, CA

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A third-generation family farm, Lou and Mike Iacopi farm 165 acres right off the sea in Half Moon Bay, CA.  Their unique micro-climate is ideal for beans, peas, artichokes, and many other varieties. In fact, seeds for many of the varieties they grow were originally brough from Italy by the family matriarch, when the Iacopi family immigrated from Italy.  Keenly focused on sustainability, the Iacopi's mostly use a technique called dry-farming, where they rely on fog and other naturally occurring water sources rather than traditional irrigation. This has been particularly useful given the on and off again droughts California has experienced over the past decade. This farm does not use pesticides, and very minimal herbicides (they will only use if absolutely necessary, and if they do, it would only be during the wetter, winter season). To prevent weeds, they use machine and hand cultivation, and use various natural techniques to prevent pests.