Westby, WI

Buy from Hidden Springs Creamery Nearby

Hidden Springs Creamery was founded by Brenda Jenkins and her husband Dean unintentionally. After moving to the beautiful Driftless region of Wisconsin, Dean wanted to farm with draft horses, and Brenda was a happy co-conspirator in his dream. They started with a small herd of 50 dairy sheep and sheep dairy co-op meetings. They quickly realized the delicious flavor of their sheep’s milk would make incredible cheese. Brenda grew up on a small hobby farm and knew farm work could be exhausting, and Dean was a city kid infatuated with farming. As Brenda says, “He had the passion and I had just enough knowledge to be dangerous.” Their vision has always been clear: they wanted the farm to be sustainable, environmentally and financially.  The animals and the land are treated well, and the products are carefully crafted the old-fashioned way using only the best ingredients.