Brooklyn, NY

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Gertie is an American restaurant selling a variety of Jew-ish comfort foods.  It’s a place to eat early and drink late. Or drink early and eat late. A place to gather. Or to sit alone with your coffee and thoughts. Just like you did at Grandma’s. What will you find at Gertie? Natural wines, nostalgic cocktails inspired by Dr. Brown’s soda fountain flavors, riffs on delicatessen sandwiches, bagels + schmear, babka + schnecken and more comfort food. Gertie believes rewriting the restaurant business model and finding ‘win-win’ solutions that support the community, employees, and have impact beyond the restaurant’s four walls, is the only way forward.  That’s why since March 2020, Gertie has been operating as a nonprofit community kitchen - in partnership with Rethink Food and City Harvest - that prepares 1,500 hundred meals per week for distribution to underserved communities across New York City.

OurHarvest is proud to sell their Jewish-style baked goods, which were created in partnership with bagel and bialy making icon Melissa Funk Weller, to our customers.