Lompoc, CA

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Sandra Newman's passion for the land and being outdoors started early in her life when she learned how to plant her first vegetable garden from her Grandmother. Throughout her childhood, she was the producer of vegetables for her family and the ornamental gardener around the house.  After agriculture school, Sandra painstakingly saved money and was finally able to purchase her own piece of heaven. In 2002, she bought 100 acres in North Santa Barbara County with apple trees. The parcel needed a lot of tender care to get it back on its feet and by the spring of 2003, she planted 2 acres of blueberries on a southern slope about 12 miles east of the ocean under frost protection. She decided to farm them organically and hoped that the blueberry plants would stay evergreen through the winter. Her plants stayed evergreen and did not go dormant. This was important because she could produce fruit off-season and not compete with the large growers. After much success, she planted another 4 acres.  In addition to blueberries, Sandra grows kiwi, mulberries, grapes, and olives.  The farm is certified organic.