New York, NY

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Caffe Panna is a neighborhood ice cream shop and coffee bar in Manhattan's Gramercy Park, proudly scooping their own ice cream. Each day they offer ten flavors - five staples and five that are chosen based on what's inspiring the kitchen at that particular moment.

They churn every ice cream flavor onsite daily. Ingredients for their fruit swirls are sourced from our neighbors at the Union Square Greenmarket. Specialty ingredients of the highest quality come from Italy, including pistachios from Sicily and hazelnuts from Piemonte, and you can taste the difference! All our ice cream mix-ins are lovingly made in the Caffe Panna kitchen. 

Caffe Panna is inspired by the cafes and gelato shops of Rome, which are ubiquitous part of daily life in the eternal city and serve everyone from bambini to nonnas. Their goal is to bring that same welcoming spirit and all-day accessibility to the heart of New York City, with an emphasis on delicious ice cream that marries elements of both Italian and American traditions. 

Founder Hallie Meyer is a lifelong ice cream lover who has cooked in Southern Italy, at the Rome Sustainable Food Project and in renowned Roman gelateria. During her time working in and visiting Rome, she has tried all the panna the city has to offer. Hallie first started selling her ice cream at a popup in the South Bronx called Tripla Panna ("triple cream" in Italian, a nickname given to her by a favorite gelateria in Rome thanks to her fondness for ordering extra panna).