Brooklyn, NY

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Bruce Cost, a twice nominated Best Chef in California, came to be a food entrepreneur only after careers in writing and cooking.  In 1984, he published his first book, Ginger East to West, which showcased the ginger root in all its forms, including a history of the origin of ginger ale.  He later debuted his own ginger ale recipe at Monsoon, a high-end Asian restaurant in San Francisco, where it quickly received rave reviews. 

In 1995, Bruce moved to Chicago to start a new Asian restaurant, and brought his fresh ginger ale recipe with him. Handmade on the premises of 11 restaurants, it became a signature item that has since sold an estimated 3 million drinks, outselling all soft drinks.

Finally, 14 restaurants later and after selling over 4 million glasses, he bottled his all-fresh ginger product under his name with his partners Joseph and Terry Tang in Brooklyn, NY.