Brooklyn, NY

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Bien Cuit, meaning “well done” in French, has a double meaning. It refers to both the style of our baked goods as well as our intention to be at the top of our performance in business and community.

All Bien Cuit products are mixed in small batches and shaped by hand to ensure a consistent product of the highest quality. Our dough is slow fermented for 16 to 68 hours depending on the type of bread, which creates a balanced acidity and aromatic flavor profile. After fermentation, our loaves are baked dark (a style the French call bien cuit) to ensure maximum caramelization and a sturdy crust.

Bien Cuit is committed to sourcing practices that support farmers and regenerate the landscape. We use flour from small, regional mills whenever we can, and are working to build the networks and distribution channels that make local grain agriculture possible.