Morgan Hill, CA

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The Mariani family has deep roots in the Santa Clara Valley. Joseph Mariani emigrated from Europe and settled here in the early 1930’s. Joseph, a long time vineyardist, was keenly aware of the importance of the site to growing quality fruit, and in 1957 found and purchased the present orchard location, a sunny south-facing slope with well drained alluvial soil, free of spring frosts, with ample water for irrigation. Here, in this warm coastal valley, tempered by the cooling influence of the Pacific, he and his family set out to grow some of the finest fruit in a region already known for the quality of its agricultural products.

Andy is continuing his father’s tradition of growing fruits of distinction including heirloom and specialty varieties. One notable food writer, who has visited both our little orchard and the tiny vineyard in France known for its rare and great vintage, has acclaimed our orchard the Chateau Petrus of stone fruit.

Andy's Orchard uses Integrated Pest Management, which utilizes many organically approved pest and disease controls.  Andy's is an enterprise engaged in artisanal fruit growing. This essentially is the hands-on approach used by small growers who have not succumbed to the temptations of mass-producing their fruit and instead have opted to grow fruit that is often of higher quality, flavor and nutritive value - in a sustainable way. Their fruit is also tree-ripened since most fruit improves tremendously in sugar content, flavor and nutritional value that last few days before harvest.  For more reading about Andy's growing practices and his explanation of organic vs. non-organic farming, click here.