Golden Diner

Order Szechuan Chili Roasted Tetsukabuto Squash with Mung Bean Noodles - Golden Diner in Manhattan by Golden Diner

  • Looking to add a fiery, bold, and ridiculously flavorful dish to your Thanksgiving feast?  Look no further.  Naturally-sweet roasted tetsukabuto squash, a cross between kabocha and butternut, pairs perfectly with the ma-la hit of Szechuan chili oil, jelly-like mung bean noodles, and umami rich shiitake mushrooms. The dish is topped off with scallions and cilantro which brings an herbaceous finish to this terrific dish. 
  • Please note that this dish includes all the ingredients and sauces you will need for the recipe, but there is a limited amount of prep/composition work that needs to be completed such as slicing scallions.
  • This dish is a special holiday collaboration between Golden Diner and OurHarvest. It's making its debut before hitting the menu at the restaurant soon.
  • Golden Diner is an Asian diner located underneath the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown NY. The restaurant specializes in serving classic NY diner dishes that have been influenced by the neighborhood. Sam Yoo, founder and chef, whose professional background is fine- dining, called it an Asian diner because the flavors of Japan, China, and Korea pervade much of a menu that otherwise leans towards the iconic NY diner. 
  • Comes in an aluminum pan and multiple containers and serves four.
  • Cooking instructions: 1. preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Leave tetsukabuto squash in aluminum pan, remove the lid and place in oven until warm (8-10 minutes). 3. Place jelly noodle and glazed mushrooms in an oven safe container and warm through until jelly is soft and warm (8-10 minutes). 4. As the jelly noodles and squash are warming up, thinly slice scallions and cut lemon in half. 5. Once these ingredients are warm shingle squash onto serving plate. Dress warm jelly noodles and mushroom evenly on top of squash. Make sure you use all residual liquid. 6. Evenly dress dish with sesame, scallions and finish with cilantro in that order. Evenly squeeze 1/2 the lemon on the entire dish. 7. Serve and enjoy.
  • Ingredients: tetsukabuto squash, mung bean jelly, szechuan chili oil (canola, star anise, clove, black cardamom, cinnamon, guajillo chile, szechuan peppercorn, bay leaf, ginger, scallion, garlic, salt, chili, cumin, sugar, vinegar), and glazed mushrooms (glaze: soy, mirin, sugar, kombu), cilantro, scallions, lemon, sesame seeds.
  • Some of the ingredients for this dish were sourced from regional farms such as the squash from Bauma's Market.