Local Goat Cheese Roasted Sweet Potatoes Meal Kit- Pre-Order delivery in Queens by Shuka

  • Tangy, spicy, sweet, and sour - this dish manages to balance all these competing flavors into a perfect rich holiday sweet potato side dish.
  • Note: This dish includes all the ingredients and sauces you will need for the recipe, but there is a limited amount prep work that needs to be completed such as halving the sweet potatoes before roasting. Recipe can be found here
  • This dish is a special limited edition holiday dish created by Shuka for OurHarvest.
  • Ayesha Nurdjaja is the executive chef at Shuka, Vicki Freeman and Marc Meyer’s Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, where she serves a menu of provocative dishes that highlight local, seasonal ingredients. Together, they created Shuka, opening in September 2017. At Shuka, Ayesha is excited about her menu that draws on the rustic, vibrant flavors found throughout Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. Dishes such as Whipped Feta + Pistachio,  Kefti + Egg Tagine with spiced lamb meatballs, tomato, and poached egg, and Fattoush Salad with halloumi and toasted pita chips showcase her penchant for updating classic dishes with flavorful ingredients.
  • Comes in multiple containers and serves 4 - 8 people.
  • Each kit includes:
    • Sweet Fingerling Potatoes (2 pounds) 
    • Goat Cheese Butter  (.5  lb)
    • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (4 oz)
    • Aleppo Pepper (3 oz)
    • Dill (2 oz)
  • Items not provided: kosher salt, olive oil, sea salt (you can use whatever salt you have)
  • Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Goat Cheese Butter, Harissa (peppers, garlic, spices, olive oil, salt), Pumpkin Seed (olive oil, salt, tabel spice), Dill, Aleppo Pepper
  • Allergens and Aversions: Diary, Peppers / Nightshade