Local Honey-Spiced Roasted Sweet Potatoes Meal Kit in Queens from Shuka

  • Tangy, spicy, sweet, and sour - this dish manages to balance all these competing flavors into a perfect holiday sweet potato side dish. Please note that this dish includes all the ingredients and sauces you will need for the recipe, but there is a limited amount prep work that needs to be completed such as halving the sweet potatoes before roasting.
  • This dish was a special holiday collaboration between Shuka and Our Harvest.
  • Ayesha Nurdjaja is the executive chef at Shuka, Vicki Freeman and Marc Meyer’s Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, where she serves a menu of provocative dishes that highlight local, seasonal ingredients. Together, they created Shuka, opening in September 2017. At Shuka, Ayesha is excited about her menu that draws on the rustic, vibrant flavors found throughout Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. Dishes such as Whipped Feta + Pistachio,  Kefti + Egg Tagine with spiced lamb meatballs, tomato, and poached egg, and Fattoush Salad with halloumi and toasted pita chips showcase her penchant for updating classic dishes with flavorful ingredients.
  • Comes in multiple containers and serves 4 - 6 people (6 ounce portions).
  • Cooking instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 400 F. 2. Cut sweet potatoes in half. Toss with ¼ cup of olive oil and salt.  3. Place the coated sweet potatoes, cut-side up, on a foil-lined tray. Bake 12-20 minutes or until tender and browned. 4. Choose your serving platter. Spread crème fraiche on the bottom of the platter. Arrange your cooked sweet potatoes in an overlapping pattern on top of the crème fraiche. Drizzle the spiced honey on top. Be sure to include the coriander seed. 5. Zest the lime over the top of the sweet potatoes. Once zested, cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice over the dish.  6. Pick herbs and scatter all over the top. Finish the dish with a sprinkle of the nigella seeds. 7. Find the soundtrack to your feast on Spotify: Ayesha’s Falafel, a specially curated mix of songs to set a celebratory vibe (optional). Enjoy!
  • Ingredients: sweet potatoes, hot honey (honey, coriander, pepper, chili, oregano, orange), creme fraiche (creme fraiche, herbs, salt), dill, scallions, nigella seed, lime.
  • Some of the ingredients for this dish were sourced from regional producers such as the sweet potatoes from Lancaster Farm Fresh and honey from Catskill Provisions and others from the Union Square Greenmarket such as creme fraiche from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy.