Buy Cranberry Blood Orange Gelee, Young Ginger delivery in Queens by abcV

  • This absolutely delicious cranberry blood orange gelee with young ginger has a very well balanced sweet, tart flavor and the perfect amount of acidity to complement your Thanksgiving spread.  
  • This dish is a special holiday collaboration between abcV and OurHarvest.
  • Jean-Georges Vongerichten is the chef and proprietor of abcV with Neal Harden as executive chef. Plant based, non GMO, sustainable, artisanal and organic whenever possible. Locally and globally from small and family farms. abcV is here to serve, inform and inspire a cultural shift towards plant based intelligence, through creativity and deliciousness. Offering high vibration foods, embracing balance with beauty, wellness, wisdom and love to nurture our personal and planetary ecosystems.
  • Comes in multiple containers and serves 4 portions.
  • Cooking instructions: 1. Place blood orange segments around a plate, flip out gelee onto the plate. 2. Suggested accompaniment: fresh castelfranco leaves and really good olive oil balance the tart/sweet perfectly.
  • Ingredients: Organic cranberries, blood orange, ginger, agave, lemon, sea salt.
  • Some of the ingredients for this dish were sourced from the Union Square Greenmarket such as Norwich Meadows Farm.