Samascott Orchards

Order Northern Spy Apples near Long Island from Samascott Orchards

  • The Northern Spy, also called 'Spy' and 'King', is a large and stout apple with carmine red skin married with streaks of yellow and pale green. Its tender-crisp flesh is creamy yellow and juicy. It imparts a bit of a tartness in its bite, but more of a cider-quality flavor with hints of pear and sweetness.
  • The Northern Spy is as versatile as apples come. They can be served raw, baked, roasted, sautéed or slow cooked to a puree. Perfect for use in classic apple preparations such as pies, tarts and cobblers. Use fresh in fruit or green salads or serve alongside honey, cheese and nuts. Like many older varieties of apple the Northern Spy is well known for its cider making qualities.
  • Our apples are from Samascott Orchards, a family-owned and operated farm located in Kinderhook, NY
  • Each order includes approximately 2.5 lbs of apples