Ava's Mangos

Order Keitt Mango in Manhattan by Ava's Mangos

  • Ava's Mangos, started by Howard Marguleas, was named after his daughter Ava. He first started planting mangoes in 1984. Grown in the Coachella Valley, California's desert, the farm now spans about 250 acres. 
  • The Keitt variety is green-skinned, often large in size, with a thin pit, and has a smooth, non-stringy texture.
  • Note, the mango is ripe when green. They turn from orange-green to bright green when ripe and gives slightly to gentle pressure. Ripen on the counter at room temperature. All imported mangoes, besides a few growing in one small region of Mexico, are heat treated (meaning put into a hot water bath), which seems to negatively effect flavor and texture. We will offer these mangoes for about 4-6 weeks. Recommended to cube them up and freeze so you can have them longer. 
  • Each mango weighs approximately 1.25-1.5 lbs.