Martin's Farm

Local Organically Grown Fava Beans near New York, NY by Martin's Farm

  • These delicious fava beans have a sweet, earthy flavor.  We love using them in bruschetta's or dips slathered on top of our Sullivan Street Bakery breads.
  • Prepping favas requires a three step process: remove the beans from the pod, quickly blanch the beans in boiling water for 30 seconds, then drop them into a bath of ice cold water, finally remove the waxy green skin from each bean.  They may require a lot of labor, but the results are incredible!
  • Grown by Martin Bournhonesque in the Salinas Valley, south of San Francisco.  Martin is famous among Bay Area chefs for growing the best tasting produce around.  OurHarvest is excited to bring his produce directly to our customers during the winter months!
  • While Martin's Farm is not certified organic, he uses organic, eco-friendly standards.
  • Sold by the bag containing approximately 1 lb

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