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Local Gingery Miso delivery near New York, NY by Haven's Kitchen

  • Gingery Miso sauce is a smooth blend of earthy white miso with punchy ginger, rice vinegar and a dash of sesame oil. It brings all the right flavor to stir-fries and slaws and works wonders as a glaze for fish, chicken and tofu, or simply drizzled on salads and vegetables.
  • Founded by Alison Cayne, Havens Kitchen was developed to educate people on how decisions around the food we purchase, eat, and make affect the environment, society, and our daily relationships. ¬†Originally a cooking school, Alison launched a line of hand-crafted sauces in order to share the Haven's Kitchen mission and flavors with many more people.
  • Each order contains 1 package (5 oz) of Gingery Miso.
  • Ingredients: Water, date paste, mirin (water, organic rice, koji [aspergillus oryza], sea salt), shallots, white miso paste (water, soybeans, rice, sea salt, cane sugar alcohol), rice vinegar, tamari (water, soybeans, sugar), ginger, toasted sesame oil, dried shiitake mushrooms, sea salt.¬†

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