Keepwell Vinegar

Buy Concord Grape Vinegar near New York, NY by Keepwell Vinegar

  • There are many flavors of grape in the world, but just one of them is ‘grape flavor’.  North American fox grapes, of which Concord is the most famous descendant, are responsible for the taste of grape juice and grape jelly.  Unlike other grape vinegars, Concord remains bright and grape-y and purple through the whole process.
  • Try Concord Grape Vinegar as a simple punch, with some sparkling water and a drop of something sweet.  Its forward fruitiness also does well in jams and chutneys.
  • Produced by Hopewell Vinegar in Pennsylvania, using mid-Atlantic grown and foraged ingredients 
  • Each order contains one 375ml bottle
  • Ingredients: Concord grapes, water, vinegar mother
  • Note: This vinegar needs to be refrigerated after opening. 

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