SD Sauce

Local Vegan Thai Hot Sauce in Manhattan from SD Sauce

  • This vegan Thai Hot Sauce is a wonderful balance of the 4 traditional Thai flavors typically found in authentic Thai cuisine - a perfect combination of salty, sweet, sour and spice, with just the right amount of "heat".
  • This sauce is perfect with seafood, but can be added to just about any kind of food - like eggs, sandwiches, salads and pizza.
  • Produced in Long Island City by Sutta in small batches
  • Each order includes one 5 oz bottle. 
  • Ingredients: Fresh lime juice, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol), ginger, bean paste (water, soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol), chili pepper, sugar, black soy sauce (soy sauce, brown sugar), cilantro, and garlic