Kitchen Garden Farm

Local Organic Habanero Sriracha Chili Sauce near New York, NY by Kitchen Garden Farm

  • This sriracha is a naturally fermented Asian-style chili sauce made¬†¬†from a mix of habanero and sweet orange peppers - it has a bright, fruity taste and a pronounced garlic flavor with more heat than their original sriracha.
  • The chilies are fermented for seven days, then cooked and pureed. Certified organic!
  • It's delicious on eggs, rice, noodles, in soup, on grilled meats and fish and fried chicken; in other words, use it on everything and you'll be happy.
  • Produced by Kitchen Garden Farm, a USDA certified organic farm located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
  • Each order contains one 8oz bottle
  • Ingredients: Organic peppers, organic vinegar, organic cane sugar, organic garlic, sea salt, xanthan gum

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