Burlap & Barrel

Local Norwich Meadows Turmeric delivery in Manhattan by Burlap & Barrel

  • This limited edition spice is a collaboration between two of our favorite partners - Norwich Meadows Farm in upstate NY and Burlap and Barrel! This turmeric has an intense, earthy flavor, very different from most turmerics as it grew in a much different soil type and under much colder weather than the typical variety found in most stores.
  • It's ideal for both culinary and nutritional uses. Add it to sauces, stews, salad dressing and baked goods for bright color, depth of flavor and wellness.
  • A note: this spice is often used as a natural dye. So you have a decision to make: either use caution (and maybe gloves) when handling or proudly display your yellow hands to show that you've just cooked with some very potent turmeric.
  • Packed by Burlap & Barrel, a New York based company sourcing single-origin unique spices from artisan farms around the world
  • Each order contains one 1.0 oz jar.
  • Ingredients: 100% ground turmeric (curcuma longa)