Keepwell Vinegar

Buy Heirloom Tomato Vinegar delivery near New York, NY from Keepwell Vinegar

  • In late August, Hopewell Vinegar buys thousands of pounds of local & organic heirloom tomatoes at the very peak of the season from neighboring farms, and smashes them into wine tanks.  Eventually, they become a delicious vinegar that tastes like a very ripe tomato and a green tomato all at once.  
  • The Heirloom Tomato vinegar is a chef favorite - throw it at just about anything you’d eat with tomatoes, from salad to bloody marys to pickles to BLT’s.  Just don’t make it too complicated, this one’s great just splashed on!
  • Produced by Hopewell Vinegar in Pennsylvania, using mid-Atlantic grown and foraged ingredients 
  • Each order contains one 375ml bottle
  • Ingredients: Organic heirloom tomatoes, raw wildflower honey, vinegar mother
  • Note: This vinegar needs to be refrigerated after opening. 

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