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Order Organic Pearled Farro (Spelt) in New York, NY from Maine Grains

  • Farro is the Italian name for "hulled" wheat, which can include ancient strains of spelt, emmer, or einkorn.
  • Maine Grains organic pearled farro is made from spelt and still has some of its bran intact, imparting a roasted, nutty flavor while still providing fiber, protein, and vital nutrients. 
  • When cooked, farro has a delicious chewy texture with plump kernels.
  • Maine Grains buys directly from local farmers and grinds in small batches using traditional stone mills ensuring top quality grains.
  • Each order contains one bag (2.4 lbs) of pearled farro
  • Produced in a facility that also processes wheat.
  • Ingredients: Organic spelt

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