Sohha Savory

Order Everything Bagel Topping in New York, NY by Sohha Savory

  • Sohha Signature Spice melds the marvelous flavors of East and West. We stir in all the savory spices of an Everything Bagel into extra virgin olive oil.
  • Bake onto flatbread, marinate chicken/fish/meats, spice up a sandwich, dress a salad, roast veggies on grill or in oven, dip crackers or veggies, drizzle on eggs
  • Produced in NYC by Angela and John Fout who hold the belief that food should be wholesome and made from the highest quality local ingredients, with no added sugar, thickeners preservatives, or gelatins
  • Ingredients: Poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, No added-sugars, or Preservatives.

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