Rancho Gordo

Local Dried Midnight Black Bean near New York, NY by Rancho Gordo

  • A classic, versatile, essential black turtle bean. It holds its shape through lots of cooking yet retains its famous creamy interior. The bean broth can be used as a base for all kinds of soup. 
  • Midnight beans have a light, thin skin that allows its flavors to mix with your aromatics and create a delicious bean broth. The beans and their broth are great with simple rice. The liquid coats each kernel of rice, adding flavor, protein and pizzazz. But don't forget to strain them for a salad with your favorite greens, and you can use any leftover broth as a base for soup or even poaching eggs. 
  • Midnight black beans are great for salads, chili, refried beans, dips, soups, pot beans, Brazilian feijoada. 
  • Rancho Gordo is the country's premier producer and seller of heirloom beans and legumes. 
  • Each order contains one bag (16 oz) of dried midnight black beans

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