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Buy Dried Marcella Beans near New York, NY from Rancho Gordo

  • Marcella beans are grown from Italian Sorana seedstock, a cannellini bean with incredibly thin skin and when cooked properly, an indulgent creamy texture. Named after Italian cooking hero, Marcella Hazan, who encouraged Rancho Gordo to grow this variety, you can use them in your kitchen as you would any small white, European-style bean, but with an ingredient like this, simple is often better.  
  • Even though these beans are small, you should take your time and gently allow them to fully cook. They are edible quite soon after you start but the real creaminess comes with time and low, slow and gentle heat. The skins are almost not there, which means you can love them too much by constantly stirring them, and they will start to fall apart.
  • Rancho Gordo is the country's premier producer and seller of heirloom beans and legumes. 
  • Each order contains one bag (16 oz) of dried Marcella beans

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