Order B Nutritious: What The Dietitian Ordered delivery in Manhattan by OurHarvest

This is my second bundle for OurHarvest, which includes meals and snack ideas that I recommend to my own clients every day.  My primary goal is to teach my clients how to look at their plate; every plate must have a protein source and a fiber source (from fruits or vegetables) for it to be considered B Nutritious-approved.  Not only will this keep you fuller longer and your blood sugar levels under control, but it will make that question “what can I eat?” obsolete.  Here I’ve complied a shopping list that I’d make for my clients, with enough protein and fiber to last them all week.  

  • An apple and cashew butter is a quick protein and fiber-rich breakfast or snack.  Plus, fat from the cashews keeps you full until your next chance to eat.
  • Easy-to-cook greens should always be on hand, which is why kale is on this list.  Sautéed, made into chips or raw in a salad, kale is a high fiber vegetable that’s loaded with health-promoting antioxidants.  Try shredding it or cutting it very thinly, massaging it with olive oil, lemon and salt to make a simple salad.  It's also great to be topped with sliced turkey for a quick and healthy lunch.  If you have more time, roast the squash and slice some pears to make the salad much more filling.  If not, save the pears for a snack and roast the squash with some cinnamon for a delicious fiber-rich side dish.
  • The grass-fed short ribs are a perfect protein option to throw into your slow-cooker before heading out the door!   Cut up and roast the cauliflower when you’re back and you have a complete meal with protein and fiber.  Opting for grass-fed meats is always preferred in my office as the nutritional profile tends to be healthier than conventional meat. 


Brooke Alpert

Founder, B Nutritious