Buy Hearth Bone Broth in New York, NY by Brodo

  • Brodo's signature broth made with organic chicken, organic turkey, organic fresh vegetables, and 100% grass-fed beef. 
  • Brodo was founded in 2014 by James Beard Award-winning chef Marco Canora, who always wanted to offer something from the tiny takeout window at Hearth, his popular restaurant in New York City’s East Village. It took 11 years but the right idea eventually struck: delicious bone broth, served up like coffee in a to-go cup. Now he offers it to the home consumer in frozen containers for your convenience.
  • Each container is 22 oz. frozen
  • Ingredients: filtered water, 100% grass fed beef bones, organic chicken feet and drumsticks, organic turkey necks, organic onions, organic carrots, organic celery, organic tomato paste, himalayan sea salt, organic peppercorns and organic bay leaves. 

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