Caffe Panna

Local Blood Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream delivery near New York, NY from Caffe Panna

  • In collaboration with OurHarvest, this ridiculously delicious, seasonal flavor is the brainchild of Hallie Meyer, the founder of Caffe Panna.¬† She combines a blood orange base ice cream enriched with panna (whipped cream) with a buttery graham crackers and homemade marshmallow fluff. It might be the most delicious ice cream co-founder Rebecca has ever tried.
  • Churned onsite in limited quantities at Caffe Panna's shop near Gramercy Park.
  • Each order includes one pint (16 oz) of ice cream
  • Ingredients:¬†cream, milk, sugar, blood orange puree, cream cheese, egg whites, corn syrup, graham crackers (contains gluten), butter, sea salt

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