Bija Bhar

Local Resilience Instant Turmeric Elixir - Single Servings delivery near Roslyn Heights, NY from Bija Bhar

  • Using carefully sourced organic ingredients, founder Anjali combined the purest, most delicious yellow and white turmerics she’s ever tasted with ginger, whole lemon, maple sugar and just a dash of black pepper to create this smooth, refreshing and balanced blend.  Resilience is remarkably versatile. 
  • Though best absorbed by the body when mixed with hot water (or other hot beverage), it also makes a refreshing and hydrating cold drink, or adds lovely flavor to a variety of recipes.
  • Ingredients: Organic maple sugar, organic turmeric (yellow and white), organic ginger, organic whole lemon, organic lemon peel, and organic black pepper
  • Each order contains two single serving packs

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