Calkins Creamery

Local Vampire Slayer Cheddar in Roslyn, NY from Calkins Creamery

  • The cheesemakers at Calkins Creamery start with a stirred curd cheddar and hand mix garlic, ginger, onion and paprika into it. The wheels are aged for a minimum of 2 months, and are creamy, spicy and savory. This cheese is what would happen if a spicy sour cream and onion pringle and a raw milk artisan cheddar had an undead cheese baby.  By the way, it is absolutely delicious!
  • This cheese is made with raw cow's milk and a vegetable rennet.
  • Each order contains 1 piece of cheese (~1/3 lb)
  • Ingredients: Raw cow's milk, garlic, herbs, culture, vegetable rennet, salt

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