Nettle Meadow Farm

Local Sappy Ewe near New York, NY by Nettle Meadow Farm

  • Sappy Ewe is made from a blend of sheep and cow’s milk that is infused with a maple reduction and rolled in pine ash. The result is a buttery ochre paste with a jet black ashed rind that tastes of sweetness, cream, salt, and sheep.
  • This cheese is pasteurized and uses a vegetable rennet
  • Produced by Nettle Meadow Farm, a dairy and cheese company based in Upstate New York.  The farm owners are focused on providing only the highest quality of life to their herd, and all of their cheeses use all-natural and organic ingredients.
  • Each order contains 1 wheel (~6-8 oz) of cheese
  • Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep and cow milk, maple reduction, pine black ash, sea salt, lactic acid cultures, vegetarian enzymes, penicillium candidmum

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