Caputo Brothers Creamery

Buy Ricotta Salata Vecchio delivery near New York, NY by Caputo Brothers Creamery

  • This ricotta salata blows away the domestic versions! The texture of true Italian ricotta is a world away from its domestic counterpart - it is custardy, smooth and eggy. Caputo Brothers Creamery makes their ricotta from the whey leftover from making their mozzarella curd. The ricotta is drained and aged (only 4-5 weeks) in their cave, during which time it develops a funky, gray-ish purple mold on the rind. The rinds are rubbed down before shipping, but the signature ‘funk’ of the cave is evident upon first bite.
  • The cheese is salty, lactic, and crumbly and has a pleasant hint of earthy, barnyard funk.
  • Made in Pennsylvania by David and Rynn Caputo in the traditional Italian cheese making tradition. 
  • Each order contains one ~6oz piece of cheese
  • Ingredients: Cultured whey, pasteurized cows' milk, nigari, salt

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