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Order Red Chili Brown Butter delivery near New York, NY from Black & Bolyard

  • This Red Chili pepper flavored brown butter is a more complex, deeply toasted version of whole butter.  The Red Chili pepper contributes a smoky, lightly spicy flavor to the butter.  
  • Brown Butter can replace whole butter anywhere that it is typically used, while its intense depth of flavor should be enjoyed in savory or sweet applications.
  • Black & Bolyard precisely cooks and caramelizes Grassfed, non-GMO butter from upstate New York. The milk solids naturally present in the whole butter are browned in the butterfat before being infused, seasoned, and whipped. 
  • Each order contains 1 jar (8 oz)
  • Ingredients: grassfed butter, dried red chili, sea salt

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