Local Mah-Ze-Dahr Bars delivery in Brooklyn by Mah-Ze-Dahr

  • Our signature treat starts with an oatmeal brown sugar cookie base, which is topped with toasted pecans and decadent chocolate bits. All of this is then bathed in a brown butter salted caramel sauce and baked to marry the flavors together.
  • Featured in Food & Wine Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2015, and Editor’s Top Ten Picks, February 2013. 
  • Produced by Mah-Ze-Dahr, a Tom Colicchio-backed bakery located in Manhattan's Greenwich Village
  • Ingredients: Fresh creamery butter, oats, pecans, semisweet chocolate, brown sugar, flour, vanilla extract, leavening, fleur de sel, fresh cream.
  • Each order contains 6 bars, each 3" x 3"