Vista Hermosa

Order Flour Tortillas (7") delivery in New York, NY from Vista Hermosa

  • While flour tortillas are traditionally made with wheat flour, water, salt and lard – Vista Hermosa uses organic avocado oil – to produce a soft, pliable dough. The dough is rolled into a ball and then stretched out and pressed into a thin white wheat flour tortilla, tortilla de harina.
  • While fully cooked, we recommend warming the tortillas on a comal, or griddle, before using them as a base for breakfast tacos and burritos. 
  • Vista Hermosa was formed by spirit and resolve inside the sturdy brick walls of Tacombi, a taqueria committed to sharing authentic Mexican taco culture.
  • Each order contains one pack of 8 tortillas (7")
  • Ingredients: organic wheat flour, cassava root, water and organic avocado oil

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