Effie's Homemade

Buy Cocoacakes near NYC by Effie's Homemade

  • Our signature Oatcakes now have a chocolate-y twist.  Effie’s Cocoacakes are crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut.  Deep, dark and oh-so delicious, try with a glass of cold milk or crumble on top of your favorite ice cream.  
  • Produced by Effie's Homemade, based in Hyde Park, Massachusetts
  • Each order is 1 box (7.2 oz) containing 21 cookies
  • Ingredients:  wheat flour (contains malted barley flour), butter, oats, sugar, barley malt extract, dried coconut, cocoa (processed with alkalai), salt, baking soda, water, turbinado sugar