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Red Grapefruit


Gala Apples


Honeycrisp Apples


Bartlett Pears


Tri-Star Strawberries



$5.49/Half Pint

Red Raspberries

$4.99/Half Pint

Yellow Peaches


Ginger Gold Apples


Aurora Pears


McIntosh Apples


Jonamac Apples


Seckel Pears


Macoun Apples


Cortland Apples


Fuji Apples


Asian Pears


Organic Snow Leopard Honeydew





Hass Avocados - 3 lb Pack


Sweet Corn

$2.95/Bag (6 Ears)





Sungold Tomatoes


String Beans


Yellow String Beans


Brussels Sprouts


Cucumbers (Slicing)


Acorn Squash

$4.79/2 Squash Pack

Butternut Squash

$6.98/2 Squash Pack

Spaghetti Squash



$3.99/Celery Heart

Bell Pepper Mix


Organic Shishito Peppers

$9.99/Half Pound

Jalapeno Peppers

$4.49/Half Pound

Rainbow Carrots


Organic Hot Pepper Mix

$4.99/Half Pint

Organically Grown Heirloom Tomatoes - 2 lb Pack


Organically Grown Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes


Organically Grown Green Tomatillos


Yellow Tomatoes


Red Beefsteak Tomatoes


Hass Avocados - 1 lb Pack


Red Radish Bunch


Breakfast Radishes


Organic Baby Watermelon Radish Bunch


Organic Daikon Radish


Organic Shunkyo Radish Bunch


Red Beets


Celery Root


Yukon Gold Potatoes


Red Potatoes


Organic Baby Fennel


Organic Kohlrabi


"Living" Chickpeas

$7.49/Pack (12 oz)

"Living" Lentils

$7.49/Pack (12 oz)

Organic Adirondack Blue Potatoes


Russet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes


Green Cabbage


Organically Grown Fresh Ginger


Organically Grown Turmeric

$8.49/Container (~3 oz)

Organic Baby Red Beets




$3.99/4.5 oz Cont.

Organic Baby Pac Choi


Sunflower Shoots

$5.99/Pack (2.5 oz)

Pea Shoots

$5.99/Pack (2.5 oz)

Broccoli Sprouts

$5.99/Pack (2.5 oz)

All Star Salad Mix

$6.49/Pack (2.5 oz)

Organic Red Mustard Greens


Organic Napa Cabbage Bunch



$4.49/Pack (2.5 oz)

Tuscan Kale


Cut Mixed Kale

$5.49/16 oz. package

Baby Olympia Kale

$6.69/Pack (2.0 oz)

NYC Grown Butterhead Lettuce

$3.99/4.5 oz Cont.

Organically Grown Red Amaranth


Baby Spinach

$5.49/16 oz package

NYC Grown Gourmet Lettuce Medley

$3.99/4.5 oz Cont.

Garlic & Onions

Organic Shallots


Organic Fresh Rocambole Garlic

$5.00/2 pack

Organic Scallions


Red Onions


Yellow Onions





Organically Grown Mint




Organic Rosemary




Organic Tarragon




Frozen and Jarred Fruit and Vegetables

Frozen Green Beans

$4.79/10 oz bag

Frozen Organic Edamame

$4.79/10 oz bag

Frozen Strawberries

$6.79/Bag (8 oz)

Frozen Blueberries

$6.79/Bag (8 oz)

Frozen Cranberries

$4.99/Bag (8oz)

Crushed Summer Tomatoes

$14.99/Jar (32 oz)

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