Why should I shop with OurHarvest?

Can I purchase products on-site at Market Days?

Do you have a referral program, and how does the referral program work?

When can I purchase products for a particular Market Day?

What happens if I miss my scheduled pick-up time?

How can I bring OurHarvest to my neighborhood?

What is the procedure for picking up my order?

Can I have someone else pick-up my order at a Market Day?

When I placed my order, I was given an “estimated” total amount. When I picked up my order at the Market Day, I was given an “actual” total amount. Can you explain?

Why do your suppliers choose to work with OurHarvest?

Why do certain products have minimum package sizes?

How does OurHarvest select its community partners?

I’m interested in doing more to assist your community partners. What can I do?

Do you offer a delivery option?

Are all of your products local?

What happens if a product I ordered becomes unavailable?

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